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Multiple times, snooty friends of mine have turned up their noses at the mention of Tinder, assuming I would use a “normal” dating app only if I’d never heard of Raya, or if—shock, horror—I’d applied and been rejected.The problem, of course, is that whenever something is defined as being elite or exclusive, it tends to attract status-conscious douchebags.“Tinder lets everyone in, so you have to swipe through an amazing amount of garbage to find someone in your bracket,” Alan said, applying sunscreen to his nose.

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“Raya’s not a dating app, it's a social-climbing app,” Alan told me.

“I think it's good for surfer bros and models, but I don't think many people are actually dating or hooking up on Raya.

To me, it felt like more people were trying to connect professionally, but in a way that felt really gross and not transparent.

Or at least, that’s the impression the app wants to give off.

Another distinction: Raya profiles are displayed in a video—a slideshow of your images plays along to a song of your choosing.

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