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Archaeologists study materials from all periods whereas Historians study only those times and places where written record survive.Archaeologists used material evidence and documentary sources, while Historians focus entirely on written records.In the past the amateur was often looked down upon professional archeologists, but now it is recognized that amateurs are important to the discipline.Evidence of the new attitude is the proliferation of "dig" opportunities which allow amateur archeologists to have the archaeological experience and make significant contributions.It is an exciting subject that investigates important developments in the human story over a long period of time.The greater part of the human story is beyond the range of traditional historical methods and can only be studied through the archaeological record.That said, events were so distant in time, and the clues so tantalizingly rare, that it will take more discoveries sure to be made in the future to answers to the questions of who, what, when and where these "firsts" the most, recent Ice Age, much of the Earth's water was locked up in the ice caps, the level of the oceans at time dropped by as much as 300 feet.If you think about this, there are only two places on earth significant water can be held; In the oceans and on polar ice caps.

The excitement of discovery in archaeological excavation is well known through the media, however this is only one aspect of a discipline that combines humanistic interest with scientific method.across Arizona, are being destroyed by development, government infrastructure construction, and natural erosion.Far more sites have been compromised by legal endeavors than by all illegal activities combined.Neolithic family head in Asia probably didn't say to his wife: "We're packing up our suitcases, the kids and the dog and setting out to America, the land of milk and honey" Just didn't happen that way.The populating of North America was a series of short migrations, a few miles out into the wilderness during the hunting season following the inherent seasonal migratory habits of game animals, then a few less miles back.

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