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Ramona overheared her parents' conversation and decides that she is going to sell lemonade in order to make money.Beezus (Selena Gomez), Ramona's sister, sees Henry Huggins (Hutch Dano), the paper boy.The beams are unable to support her weight and break, leaving Ramona's legs dangling from the roof during the open house.After the open house clears out, Dorothy tends to her scratched up knees and legs in the bathroom.After that mistake, she decides to sell "delishus car wash ," but that backfires also.After accidentally painting Hobart's 1996 Range Rover multiple colors, she retires. Quimby accidentally gives her a raw egg in her lunch, and after cracking the egg on her head, gets it in her hair. Meacham tries to take the raw egg out of her hair, but most of it remains stuck in her hair.This wholesome family comedy is based on Beverly Cleary’s Ramona Quimby books about accident-prone kid Ramona (Joey King) and her older sister Beatrice, aka Beezus (Selena Gomez).

He calls out to Bea and shows her the keepsakes from the relationship they had as teenagers that he had stored inside the shoebox.Hobart, believing (Ramona and Beatrice's Aunt) Bea had purposely shot him with the water hose, retaliates by tossing a bucket of water on Bea, and a water fight ensues between both neighbors.During the water wars, Ramona whispers to Bea and the family retreats, only to sneak into their neighbor's backyard to set off the sprinklers.The film's title derives from Beezus and Ramona, the first of Cleary's Ramona books, though the plot is mostly based on the sequels, particularly Ramona Forever and Ramona's World.Selena Gomez appears within this film playing Beatrice Quimby.

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