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Su madre le propondrá hacerse cargo de un niño de diez años con problemas de conducta, y junto a él comenzará la búsqueda de un sustituto de su hermano con el que poder resucitar a los "Blues Brothers".

(FILMAFFINITY): Secuela de "Granujas a todo ritmo" (1980) que, aunque no alcanza su nivel, sigue su estela de comedia desmadrada y homenaje a la mejor música norteamericana de los años 60 y 70.

Upon his release, he discovers that his boyhood orphanage home is about to be foreclosed upon for non-payment of property taxes.

Beaten up by a nun, sung to by James Brown, and touched by God, Jake sees the light and seeks to put the band together for one last show -- a charity benefit to save the orphanage.

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Dirección: John Landis Argumento: John Landis, Dan Aykroyd (film, "The Blues Brothers"). Elizondo), Kathleen Freeman (Mother Mary Stigmata), Frank Oz (Prison Warden), Steve Lawrence (Maury Sline), Erykah Badu (Queen Mousette), Darrell Hammond (Robertson), Aretha Franklin (Mrs. John, Isaac Hayes, Billy Preston, Lou Rawls, Paul Shaffer (Marco), Koko Taylor, Travis Tritt, Steve Winwood, Jacob Adams.: Dieciocho años después de la cinta de culto "Granujas a todo ritmo" (Blues Brothers), esta secuela supone el reencuentro con Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd), quien tras pasar todo ese tiempo en la cárcel por los destrozos que cometió en aquella ocasión junto a su hermano Jake, es puesto en libertad.

Jake (Belushi) and Elwood (Aykroyd) are the former front men of a broken down blues band (actually a stunning collection of blues talent) which disbanded after Jake was arrested several years before.Their journey takes them from James Brown to Aretha Franklin to Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker to Cab Calloway.The movie showcases the overwhelming talent of singers, musicians, and genres long out of vogue with popular musical tastes.So with the end of the century looming, they teamed together to make this film. Perhaps they thought that with nothing left to lose (including their shame), they could remember how to make good movies by retreading their own well-tread territory. Blues Brothers 2000 is one of those movies that feels like it only happened because the cast and producers wanted so badly to be associated with the original.

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